getItemProperty and null

        IndexedContainer ct = new IndexedContainer();
        ct.addContainerProperty("p1", String.class, "");
        Item item = ct.addItem("item1");
        Property property = item.getItemProperty("p2");
        if (property != null) System.out.println("ok");

Why is this code returns “ok” ? Property with the id “p2” does not exist.

Hi Andrey,

After reading javadoc, I think your code should never print ok.

But when I looked at the source for the getItemProperty() in the implementation of Item in the class IndexedContainerItem, I found that the method always return a new object

         * (non-Javadoc)
         * @see
        public Property<?> getItemProperty(Object id) {
            return new IndexedContainerProperty(itemId, id);

So what’s is wrong : this method above or javadoc ?..
Hope Vaadin guys see that post and give us an explanation.


Indeed, IndexedContainerItem.getItemProperty(…) behavior is not consistent with the inherited javadoc.

There is already a ticket for this (