Get rid of bottlenecks in your Vaadin application with XRebel Webinar

Join Simon Maple (Zeroturnaround) and Matti Tahvonen (Vaadin) for a practical webinar about optimizing your Vaadin application with XRebel. In addition to an overview of the awesome XRebel profiling solution you’ll learn how to trace those hard-to-find run-time bugs in your Vaadin code and how to fix them.

Webinar takes place today, Monday February 2nd 2015 @ 3PM CET


Post your questions and comments below. Thank you!

BSOD (BlackscreenOfDeath) strikes again… why not using Hangout?


Install the ProxFlow Plugin in your Browser.
Then you are able to watch the stream on youtube also when you´re from germany.


Super Sweet! Thank you very much. Perfect timing for my needs.

The demo app we used to compare various container solutions: