Generate Java Code From Vaadin Designer


I have created a UI using Vaadin Designer.
By default it generates 2 files - a Java file , HTML.

After Designing GUI in HTML file using designer, is there any way to generate event listening Java code automatically using GUI components?
Could not understand the use of Java file being generated (since marked as not to be edited)

Thanks in advance

What you want to do is create your own class that extends the generated Java file and add your logic there. Hope that helps.

In that case also , the Event Listening Code would be required to be manually added.
I am looking for a way to generate default Listener code automatically for any event correponding to GUI elements
For e.g. - Double click on button and it auto creates default click listener code in Java file
Is there any possible way to achieve same in Vaadin?
Any mapping between Java file and Design file w.r.t. GUI components?

I would also like to know Is there any way to generate Java code for UI components using Designer.
What i need is i create my GUI using Desginer and get Java Code for same in background.

As of now Html code is being generated which is quite Browser dependent i would say.

The Java companion class gets automatically updated with fields for any new components you add, so you can easily add any functionality to them in your extended class. I don’t really see the benefit of just generating an empty clicklistener for a button, since you would still have to implement the logic in code yourself. Your IDE should be able to help you create a click listener with a couple of keystrokes.

The HTML format is only used for storing the layout hierarchy. It is parsed on the server side into a Vaadin component tree, just as if you had written the Java code yourself. So using this format will not lead to any browser dependencies.


The Java companion class gets automatically updated with fields for any new components you add


Are you refering to Adding Components using Designer here ?
I am adding my components in Designer but those are not being reflected in Java Class
Attaching screenshot of both Java and Html file.

One more thing i am using eclipse IDE , do i need any add on plugin to enable such functionality for creating click listener as you mentioned.

Thanks for clearing out the doubt regarding the HTML dependency


You need to give a name for the component to generate a field into the Java companion file.

Thanks John.

Issue resolved.

sir i can convert app ui into java code through this vaadin designer and how i can start this work ? please tell me sir?