general Questions related to BeanItemContainer

Hello All,

 I am newbie and this is the first thread post on this form. 
 I need you experts help to understand & clear my doubt regarding BeanItemContainer.  

  As i read about BeanContainer & BeanItemContainer on vaadin api, it says that these are in-memory container.

  Questions :
  1)   Which memory it occupies, is it occupies browser cache memory ?  
  2)  just Binding data to BeanItemContainer and not binding it to any view Components like tree, table, tabsheet...etc does it still occupies browser cache memory ?


   it will occupies browser cache memory only when this BeanItemContainer has been bind to any vaadin view components like table, tree..etc ?

  Please reply me and clear my doubt.
  Any Help will be appreciated.
  Really sorry for my bad and poor english communication.


In the context of Vaadin, an in-memory container means that the complete set of data items are kept in server RAM, for each instance of the container. The alternative is e.g. SQLContainer, where only a part of the items are loaded to server RAM, and the rest are kept somewhere else, in this case a database.

Containers do not store anything in the browser cache themselves: what is sent to the browser is actually just the visual representation of data, which means all the strings that are visible in the UI at that particular moment. This is of course part of the HTML DOM, and as such is stored in the browser cache.