General Queries

I am really not sure who to send this message to ( I think both Sales and Technical) but I will state my concerns as follows:

I am an independent Java EE 7 developer with a virtual server host by I am using Glassfish 4.1 and MySQL. SO I am developing web application for my customers both in English and Arabic.
Now my customers have a demand to run their applications on mobile. I am really not into JavaScript based frameworks. Currently, I am evaluating Vaadin as my primary tool for all of my mobile solutions. I need to ask the followings:

  1. Is all of the Vaadin solutions (desktop & mobile) based on Java or do I need to know some JavaScript for some Vaadin solutions.
  2. Does Vaadin support OData REST API on the client side?
  3. Can Vaadin access mobile native features like Camera, GPS, etc…?
  4. Will my Vaadin application get converted to mobile apps that can be deployed to apple and android stores?
  5. Can Vaadin store data offline on the phone?
  6. Can I add and advertisement Banner on my Vaadin mobile applications?
  7. Does Vaadin support OAuth security?
  8. How is the performance of Vaadin apps compared to mobile native apps?
  9. Is internationalization (especially Arabic) supported easily by Vaadin??
  10. Do you offer a platform (beside the framework) to enhance the developer productivity?
  11. What is the best licensing option for me to be able to develop Vaadin apps commercially including the Pro tools (or a platform that increases my productivity)??

Appreciate any prompt response on this as I need to make a landing on my framework of choice