Garbled Text post scroll on using ComponentRenderer in Grid

Using Vaadin 8.1.5, got into a very weird issue with the Grid. I’ve got a column that is renderered using the ComponentRenderer that comes natively with Vaadin 8.x. I’m intending to display a Progress Bar in there and in the event of a missing Progress Bar the same column displays a Label of “Not Applicable”. To marry the two requirements, I ended up using a Component Renderer for the column as a whole, which displays a Progress Bar / Label as need be.

Things work fine for the first time the user sees the data. However, the moment I scroll the page, I see that the the column that was supposed to show the Components of Progress Bar / Label start showing garbled text.

Are there any known issues with the ComponentRenderer that would cause the above behavior, which are being worked upon / already fixed in a later version?

Am attaching two screenshots that show the problem I’m describing here.