Future of TouchKit?

With the announcement from Google that they are branching webkit to their own browser engine I’m wondering if this could have a negative influence on TouchKit?


I’m a little concerned about future compatibility between Google and Apple browsers, which is currently the foundation of Touchkit. Can anyone at Vaadin comment on this and whether or not there is a strategy to deal with the potential fallout from this split?

Hi Gary,

One of the fundamental values that you get from using Vaadin Framework is that we take care of the browser differences for you.

We are committed to support mobile Vaadin app development for iOs and Android devices in future too. So this split just means that our TouchKit developers need to put some more effort to make sure that the latest releases support new browser engines.

In fact we are looking to extend our TouchKit support for Windows Phone 8 devices (with IE10 mobile browser engine) rather than limiting the supported browser engines.