Future of the JPAContainer

Is there any news on JPAContainer?

  • JPAContainer generates too much queries
  • JPAContainer lacks support for
  • Group By
  • Distinct


JPAContainer is currently in maintenance mode - we are fixing critical bugs and accepting patches adding new functionality, but we’re not implementing any new features by ourselves at the moment.

The long time plan is probably to create a general framework for creating container implementations that lazily fetch data from any source, so that JPAContainer could use that generic functionality and only be concerned with actual JPA features. We do unfrotunately not have any exact plans for when this could happen.

Mauro, use LazyQueryContainer from the Directory. That can be quite easile hooked with JPA as well and much more customizeable. For smaller listing I’d just suggest to use in memory listing with a decent POJO container. Check out ListContainer from Maddon (that is an add-on in the directory as well).