Full Example Tutorial

Hi Guys,

i try to start with Vaadin and what i saw until now is awesome =D
I kind of read the Vaadin 7 Book and looked and some Tutorials.
I know how the single Parts of Vaadin works and how to code,
but i didn’t figure it out how to do a complex page.

I would love to get an tutorial about something like a little Blog or a Guestbook, like other Frameworks offers on there Page.
There are some parts which are interesting: Login+Security/Permission/Pagecontent for logged in and logged out user/ Forms for adding and editing entrys / Backend for adding to Sql Database.

Someone got something nice tutorial ?

greetings xasz


handling a login could be like this way.

Handling Logins

After a successFull login (usually represented by a memberVariable like “loggedInUser” in your UI class, you can change the layout of the UI to your application view.

Hope that helps.

For security there are some Sping Tutorials around using spring security. But I am looking for a solutions for myself either :slight_smile:

Regards Marcus

Thanx for you fast replay,

but the is still no logic for validating the login.

There are various somewhat bigger examples around, such as
and more (I haven’t tried these). Applications bigger than these are mostly closed source, but also tend to be too big for learning and getting a grasp on how to do all these things.

For Spring Security and other authentication alternatives, search e.g. for “vaadin authentication” - there are many examples, some of which good.

You can also take a look at other frameworks on top of Vaadin or extensions - there are free ones (even in Vaadin Directory) as well as commercial ones (such as
Lexaden products
- available both under AGPL for open source projects and under a commercial license). Again, I don’t have first hand experience on these.