From where is picked up address in com.vaadin.server.VaadinRequest.getRemot

Hello all,
I got my Vaadin app behind an Nginx. I should need origin IP address, but although I had proxy-passed all know IP addresses headers, getBrowser().getAddress() still gives to me incorrect address I know it is working because direct access (so, no nginx between) gives to me correct origin address. As well had checked out Vaadin framework source code but there’s no info about in VaadinRequest class. Could you please indicate from which request header (or from where exactly) are you picking up for getRemoteAddress so I could then proxy-pass it correctly?

Very thanks in advance,

Hi, did any solution arise here?
I also have the problem with V8 and an apache proxy at the moment. I only see the Proxy-Host IP address instead of the
client IP.