From standard GWT to Vaadin

Hi all,
i am new to this world of Vaadin but when i discover it (just minutes ago) i said “This is awsooomeeeee”.

I am a mantainer of a J2EE web application that some company build and now i was assigned to mantain it and try to build a new user interface, so i am now getting information about vaadin free.

This application run using GWT 2.5 (only gwt standard interface) on tomcat6 but now is migrating on tomcat7. Nowadays the people using this web application use a plenty different web browser from IE6 (limit by their IT department for some other application) to IE10 and the different version of Mozilla and Chrome (no Safari for now their generally use Windows and a little Linux).
All of the people are using it on desktop platform and the mobile use should be ready for 2016.

I am trying to develope some example of user interface reading the online version of Vaadin Guide Book
Can anyone suggest me if Vaadin is the right product for my needs ?? (i alreadythink so)

Which version of Vaadin should i use if i want the best performance in the browser that my company’s costumer use? Should I try whit 6 version of Vaadin or get the latest?
Can i integrate Vaadin with my existent software or are thare any contraindication?

The vaadin site is displaying information very useful and i will read as much as i can, but if anyone have some sort of link that match my condition, can you please notify me?

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for looking at Vaadin! :slight_smile:

If you need IE 6 or 7 support, Vaadin 6 is the only way forward. Vaadin 7 will work with IE 8 and upwards. If Vaadin is a good match or not depends mostly on the application itself. If it is a web application rather than a web site, then yes, Vaadin will work splendidly. You can integrate your existing app and widgets; you will need to create Vaadin client-side wrappers for them, though.

Without knowing more about the app r your requirements, I can’t really give you more definitive answers; I suggest you try it out for yourself, it’s super to get started :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply, i have send you a request with a message and a link where you can visit my web application (similar to a web site).

Is there any resource to guide me to the implementation with Vaadin 6 in a application with GWT?

I want to ask also if with Vaadin 6 can i rebuild only the user interface on the client-side and leave like now the connection to the server-side (using the async callback in GWT)?

Thanks in advance,

Hmm, I didn’t get any message.

The definitive resource for all things Vaadin is the Book of Vaadin. Book for Vaadin 6 can be found here:

Vaadin is a user interface library only, so you need to use some other backend code anyway. What will differ is the connection between UI and backend. In GWT, you connect to a server because your code runs in a browser; with Vaadin, your UI code already runs on the server, so you don’t necessarily need to connect anywhere. Of course, it depends on your backend. You can use any Java API you want with Vaadin, so you can connect to any system you want.