french documentation


Is what I can see a complete documentation in French.


Bonne idée ! Good idea…

But I doubt the Vaadin people has resources, or even competence, to do it.
It can be a community work, but it is a huge task.
Beside, what documentation? JavaDoc? The tutorials? The Book of Vaadin? Everything? Wow…

We have been considering community-based translation of at least the Book. Well, the translatable string resources are actually
in the SVN repository
already and we have tested that the process works.

While it’s possible to make the translations using existing gettext-based tools, such as Lokalize, we have recently experimented with the GetLocalization crowdsourcing tool -
see the experimental project here

Extracting strings for translation from DocBook is easy to do with the poxml tool, but I’m not sure what solutions there are for translating JavaDoc.

In any case, such translation efforts would be rather large.

Added a call for translators at
. If you would be interested in helping with French translation, please post on the thread.