Forum usage policy/code of conduct discussion

Hi everyone!

I would like to hear from the Vaadin community what kind of forum usage policies you would like to see on the forums

Here’s an example of one forum policy that is already in effect:

Do you have suggestions for other forum policies?

In particular, we need community consensus on how to deal with low-quality messages.

Let’s discuss this! :slight_smile:

Maybe we should have a clear advertisement policy. Maybe something like this:

  • Completely unrelated to Vaadin Framework and out of context - Should be deleted
  • Products and services only that might be interesting to the audience, but not directly related to Vaadin Framework. For example general development outsourcing services. - Should be deleted
  • Vaadin related products, like add-ons (both commercial and open source) - OK
  • Vaadin related services and job ads - This far there have been no demand for these posts. If there would be demand for these, we should create a separate forum category for them. The question is when?

To re-phrase that: Should we delete post where the language is so bad that the contents would not be understood by the most readers? These are most often real and relevant questions by real novice users who do not speak English. Deleting the questions without a notice would be rude and discourage these users in their learning effort. On the other hand - there will be no answers to question because it is not understood by the readers. Any ideas what to do with these? Would a “come again?” message be better? Would it give a false indication that the person posting it will try to give some answers to the actual question later?