Forum Search

First of all, congratulation to the launch of Vaadin.
I think your product is good engineered and very well documented.
Searching the forum for information however is more painful…

Yesterday I encountered some problems and searched for “out of sync” thefore: 190 entries were returned and none seemed to be really interesting.
As I thought that it can hardly be that there is no entry for such an issue, I tried just “sync”: Now only 10 entries were returned, but they were relevant, some of them even contained “out of sync” in the subject.
Normally you would except better results if provide more accurate search terms…

May be you can have look how the search functionality can be improved.


Forum software is a Liferay Portlet - it will get better with each release of Liferay.

In addition to forum search, you should try out the google-based search box in the upper right corner. You could also search bug database on