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I am wondering if there is a forum add-on ready to be used in Vaadin. I didn’t find any related component / add-on ready to use and I would like to implement a forum on a website using this framework. This forum (yes, this vaadin forum :D) can be a good starting point.

Thank you in advance.

I was told recently that this forum is based on Liferay, it isn’t done (yet) with Vaadin.

BTW, I was kind of logged out of the forum: I no longer saw my name, but instead a Sign In link. But when clicking on it, it was only refreshing the page… I had to suppress most of my Vaadin-related cookies to be able to log in again. FYI.

Thank you for your fast reply Philippe.

Do you know (or any other vaadin lover :)) if there is anybody working on such a component?


I am not aware of any such work - and, in my opinion, it’s very unlikely such a thing would be published as a component! A forum is a complete system - it needs a database, or file storage, and all manner of other things… these are not the kind of things that are easily published as a component.

Of course, someone will be along shortly to prove me wrong :slight_smile:



I’m not aware of a publicly available forum software done with Vaadin either. At least KnowledgeBlackBelt has a Vaadin-based forum, but it’s not publicly available as far as I know, and not part of Navigator7.

I think it would be easiest to make a Vaadin-based forum as an application or portlet. Making it an add-on component would probably require a more generalized API for the database layer, etc.

Hello Charles,

Yes, I absolutely agree in the fact that a forum would be a “Big” component regarding the concept of component we used to see here in the community. But Vaadin advantages include faster developing and prototyping of websites / RIAs. Why do not take advantage of a Forum component for these purposes? We can always do a forum as we want using small bricks on our own instead of using it, which is also another big advantage of using Vaadin. You can use such component, or not. Both possibilities are open. Moreover, if we can use an already developed forum vaadin component, we will bring more and more developers to this framework.

Just my two cts :slight_smile:

Hello Marko,

can you please link the vaadin based forum you mention (KnowledgeBlackBelt)?

Completely agree with your remark.

Thanks for posting

It’s at
and the forum
. It was called BlackBeltFactory before.

It’s a great source to learn about Vaadin and other stuff as well.

Thank you very much for the links!
It looks great!