formlayout: my fields have whitebackground - "impossible" to read for human


im using newest version of vaadin 14 and using formlayout. im not setting any styles anywhere in code - just out of the box using the different components, textfield and so on.

the background of the fields (textfield, select, checkbox) are all white - as the rest, so its really hard to look at and see where to do anything also when the form has been binded and has data - what is a label, what is a value - hard to read. When looking at the examples all have grey background. Is this something You need to define - just like if you want alternating styles in the grid?

what am I missing? I should say that adding a TextArea does have a grey background in my case. Just not all the rest for the fields.

My textfields are grey. Maybe you have all textfield inputs bound with a getter but without as setter, because then the textfield becomes read-only, and yes read-only textfields are styled with white background and a dotted grey border. If this bothers you, you can overwrite those styles and define your own

no, but thanks. I do use readonly fields also, they look just like you described. I tried playing around with the @theme thing but nothing happend when I ran make/run in my IDE only when I changed @theme to something else, ran “install” and then back to the original and again “install” then everything suddently looked ok. So I guess its something with what gets done in maven install compared to just make/run from the IDE.

so - everything is ok in my end, sorry for wasting time :slight_smile: