FormLayout and TabSheet problems


I’m using FormLayout with a TabSheet. Previously I parse the bean properties to the FormLayout using a BeanItem.

	entrevistaBean = new EntrevistaInicialBean();
	BeanItem<EntrevistaInicialBean> entrevistaItem = new BeanItem<EntrevistaInicialBean>(entrevistaBean);
	entrevistaForm = new FormWithComplexLayout(entrevistaItem);

The problem is when I try to customize the fields for the “Tab” I use the method "
entrevistaForm.setVisibleItemProperties(Arrays.asList(new String { “fecha”, “nombreNino”, “apellidosNino”,
“fecNacimiento”, “apodoNino”, “nombreMadre”, “horarioTrabajoMadre”, “profesionMadre”, “telfMadre”,
“nombrePadre”, “horarioTrabajoPadre”, “profesionPadre”, “telfPadre”, “direccionFamiliar”, “telfFamiliar”,
“email” }));

Finally, I call the button to commit the changes and I noticed that only save the properties are visible.

To sum up, I want to show the properties I told you above, but I want to validate all the properties of the bean. Is it possible to make this with any method?

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes.