Format text in table, e.g. making it fat

Hi guys,

is there any way to make text
(e.g. with HTML-tags) in a table if I declared the datatype as a
like this:

analysisTable.addContainerProperty("Sentence", String.class, null); 

Or is my only change to change the rowtype to Label and use the html possibilities there?

The reason why I don’t just use Labels in my table is that I’m afraid that one label for each row might decrease the performance.

Can anyone give me feedback on this? I guess more people might have my question, but sadly I couldn’t find any answer while researching on it.

I’m a bit of in a hurry, if someone could help me with his / her experience I would be very happy :slight_smile:

Use a Table.CellStyleGenerator for that.

My Problem:

For example I have a column named “Sentence”, now I want that every word in this sentence that has more than 8 characters becomes

I’m not that good in CSS, but I guess that I can only give one css class for the whole Sentence-column, not for single words in it, or am I wrong?

I have now tried to solve this with Labels (setting them to XHTML content) and giving all words that have more than 8 characters word tags, but they have some mysterious bugs on my screen (I added the whole String with html-tags later with Label.setValue(String)). Only a few rows get rendered, than the table creation simply stops.

Can anyone please help me here?

Here you can see the problem:

The developers of VAADIN have an example on their table-tutorialwebsite, in which they do kind of exactly the same.

They add a label with XHTML code and then it works for them, at least in their example

Can you give us your code, it will help to find the problem.