Format Table Contents property but not type

Hello, I am wondering what is the best practice if you have table.addContainerProperty(“test”, Double.class, null) but you want to display the columns with formatted options so instead of returning 9.988888888889 it would return $9.99? Do i have to format this as a String and then set the property as type String?

The reason I am asking is because I can take advantage of some default functionality provided by the FilteringTable add-on if I have the class of the container property not a string, but still have its output in the item formatted.

See which allows you to control the formatting of the property for a column

Awesome, thank!

Hmm, setConverter is new to Vaadin 7. Is there an equivalent method on Vaadin 6? I am using version 6.8.10.

No, there isn’t. For Vaadin 6, the simplest thing to do is to override the method and format your data appropriately.