Form with advanced grid layout -> layouting problem!


i am not sure, but think there is a bug in the form or gridlayout implementation. I am using a form with advanced layout. The layout is of type GridLayout. I’d like to grap the whole horizontal space for the gridlayout. So i called gridLayout.setSizeFul(). If i do so, the fields of the form are only showed sometimes. Sometimes they are not.
Also layout.setWidth(“100%”) results to the some issue.

I tried to reproduce it. Therefore i used the “Form with advanced layout” sample. If i call ourLayout.setSizeFull() the form fields will never be shown.

Is this a bug or did i miss something?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Florian Pirchner

Without testing out your exact problem - a general tip: If something isn’t rendering the way you expect it to, try adding “?debug” to your URL. A debug window should open, in it click on “analyze layouts”. It will take a look at your component hierarchy and see if there are any possible problems. Take a look at the output (either in the debug window itself or in your IDE’s console) and see if any problems were found. If problems were found, try to solve those first and see then, if your applications still behaves in an unexpected way.

Thanks a lot for the hint for ?debug.

I had a look at the problems indicated by the debug console. I am getting: “height problem: component with relative height inside a VerticalLayout with no height defined”. It is very interesting that i am getting the same issue if i am running the “analyse layout” for a really simple example like the “Form with customized” layout. I was not able to fix the layout that way, that the issue does not become mentioned by the debug console.

But i startet to change the settings about sizeFull, width and heigth inside my code.
And now it works fine!

The filterpanel which causes the problem (can be seen here
) can be hidden by an action. After hiding and showing the filter component again, no fields are present anymore. If i do some clicks in the formarea they will appear. Sometimes at once, sometimes field by field.

The solution of my problem was to call setVisible(true / false) on the parent of the filter component rather than directly at the filter component.

It was a really strange problem but now it works.

“height problem: component with relative height inside a VerticalLayout with no height defined”:
Should i fix all that issues? Or are they like a warning? As described above i was not able to fix all of them even in a very simple example. Since
has a deep structure of elements it might be a good idea to remove all the warnings? What would you suggest?

Thanks Florian

You should try to fix those issue, otherwise your application may not render in the expected way (might even vary from browser to browser). In your case, you need to define a height for the VerticalLayout where the problematic component resides.

Thanks a lot!