Form does not display in browser

I am a newbie and have been mostly a backend developer. I have an internal application that I need to get done quickly, and chose Vaadin to help me get there.
I have modified the vaadin-archetype-application-multimodule to be a Springboot application. It connects to a MSSQL database. This all worked quite well and all was working well.

I refactored to connect to the actual table and now the edit form does not display. Database access is successful. A grid of all rows is displayed. There are no errors logged and I don’t see any errors. Any advice on where to start to look to debug would be most appreciated.

Difficult to say without knowing what you changed and where and how the form is created and supposed to appear, but I suppose you could start by setting breakpoints to the form creation and where it’s supposed to be attached to the layout, and see if those actually get called. If they are, you could then step through the form population process to make sure you don’t have any potential exceptions handled silently without any logging.

If I change “product form” to “asset form” in the java class extending the FormDesign class

public class AssetForm extends AssetFormDesign {

    private SampleCrudLogic viewLogic;
    private BeanFieldGroup<Asset> fieldGroup;
    private BeanFieldGroup<Manufacturer> mfieldGroup;
    private BeanFieldGroup<Vendor> vfieldGroup;

    public AssetForm(SampleCrudLogic sampleCrudLogic) {

and update the Html

<!doctype html>
    <meta name="package-mapping" content="" />
<v-css-layout id="product-form" style-name="product-form-wrapper">
    <v-label caption="Item Information" />.....

recompile and produce a new snapshot in maven

The form does not display. I see in the debugger that the request is sent and the data for the form received, in the browser I’m not sure what I’m failing to do, except perhaps rebuild the widgetset. I’m not usually a front end developer so I need a little direction on where to start looking. This is not a big change, but I would like some direction on where to get more information on debugging the servlet, connections, and XHR and rpc communications.