FORM authentication?

We’re using itmill to talk to a JBoss server, and up 'til now had been using BASIC authentication. This was ok for development, but for customer deployment we need to use something nicer-looking.

When we did everything with JSPs, we used the FORM method of authentication that displays a login JSP form before loading the rest of the pages, i.e stuff like this at the end of our web.xml:


This doesn’t seem to work for our itmill app, I guess it can’t find the login.jsp no matter where I put it (I’ve tried WebRoot, and WebRoot/ITMILL/themes/mytheme). After about 15 seconds I get this error dialog in the browser:

I’ve read the itmill technical paper on user authentication, but I can’t use that method because my JBoss EJBs expect to find LoginContext, Principal, etc. magically set by using one of the web.xml authentication methods.

Does anybody know some way to get this to work?

Have you edited the web.xml so that *.jsp are not forwarded to it mill’s application?

Thanks, yes, that was the problem, I should have noticed that myself.

hey may someone please explain how not to foward *.jsp to the vaadin application in the web.xml file? I think its basic, but I forgot how to do it. Thanks!