Following tutorial, wont find maven wrapper to build the jar

As title, when I go into my terminal, head to my directory and put in any command to do with maven nothing happens. I’ve tried ./mvnw clean package -Pproduction, mvn clean package -Pproduction. I’ve had them with it built and not, nothing wants to work. I’m new so I’m sure this is something simple just cannot figure it out. Thanks!

Do you have any log to share?

all it says is command not found

sudo: ./mvnw: command not found```

same thing, no matter the command]

if there is something else to find to help you just let me know

Not sure where you downloaded the project but from apps from contain this wrapper / executable - Others won’t. But you can also install maven yourself

it was installed from the vaadin tutorial, project setup page. how would I go about installing maven myself? Also there is like mvnw and mvnw.cmd files in the directory its just not doing anything with them

Oh that looks good - did you try it without sudo also? And could it be possible that it’s not executable? Like missing the +x

I tried it with sudo too, cause it didn’t let me intereact with mvnw without using sudo

also what is the +x?

sorry im super new, done previous languages and stuff before but this is all super new

chmod +x FILE (linux command to mark something executable)

ok so

what would u like me to try typing in

sudo chmod +x ./mvnw?

chmod + mvnw