FlyTo and Zoom functions not working?


I’m new to v-leaflet and try to implement the following functionality. I’ve installed the Vaadin-jpa-app demo and run in it in WebSphere Liberty. I try to implement “flyto” functionality on the “MapView”. I added to radiobuttons with values “Amsterdam” and “Paris”. If I navigate to the MapView for the first time the map is perfectly showing the coordinates I entered for Amsterdam. When I switch the radio-button to Paris a ValueChangeEvent is triggered which invokes a leafletMap.flyTo(coordinates of Paris) as shown in the FlyToTest example on this site. In the Liberty logs I see the event is triggered, but the map is never moving (unless I drag it or us the zoom control buttons). I’ve tried every possible event: zoomToExtent, zoomToContent, setView, flyTo but nothing ever makes the map move. I’m using v-leaflet 1.0.0.b7 and run in Firefox 38.7.1. Any idea what can be wrong? Thanks in advance for any help,