Flow vs. Vaadin 8

A question. Does flow replace the framework 8, or will it evolve in shape?
That would be important for planing new projects.

Eventually yes, but the both will co-exist in our portfolio for long time. Framework 8 support continues until february 2022. This means that there is no hurry. The two frameworks are representing quite different generations web application development technology. Thus for example if you are heavily reliant on IE11, and moving to web component based application development is not immediate need for you, starting a new project with Framework 8 can still very valid decision.

Agreed with Tatu - starting a project with Vaadin 8 is still a valid decision. However, should you decide to use Vaadin 10, you can still employ the same server-side approach you’re accustomed to when using Vaadin 8; it is not required to use PolymerTemplates nor any JavaScript. The VerticalLayout and HorizontalLayout behaves differently though since it uses CSS Flex Layout instead of Vaadin 8 templating engine under the hood.

Thank you for your answers.
We have been running an application in Vaadin 6 since 2013. The implementation of this application in Vaadin 8 certainly needs a full year. Then we are at 2019. If the support ends 2022, an implementation probably no longer makes sense. Especially not if the framework is not replaced in this form.