Flow Versions & Material Theme

Hello everybody,

I’m currently trying to understand the versions of Flow. As far as I understand, Flow 1.0 is equal to Vaadin 10 and Flow 1.1 is equal to Vaadin 11. The blog on 05.09. now says that Vaadin 11 was released, but on 14.09. the 1.1.0.beta4 was released (but only in GitHub, not via Maven). I’m a bit confused here.
I would like to try the Material Theme, as the release notes in GitHub mention the support. But I can’t get it to work with either the beta or the release version. If I use the @Theme annotation and use Material.class, the dependency doesn’t seem to be imported automatically. If I additionally import vaadin-material-theme, the Material.class can be found but the browser shows everything without a theme.

Does someone have experience how to use the material theme?


Every platform dependency lives its own life, having its own versions (including Flow) and the platform unites those in one place giving guarantees that all those dependencies work well with each other.
In this case, Vaadin 11 contains Flow 1.0 still, 1.1 version is intended to go into Vaadin 12.

So, in addition to adding the material theme, you have to either update the Flow to 1.1 in your projector try out the 12.0-SNAPSHOT version of the platform (which might be easier, you still have to add the material theme when using 12.0-SNAPSHOT for now, but that will be fixed before the release).

There is an example on how you can use the 12.0-SNAPSHOT in your project: https://github.com/vaadin/skeleton-starter-flow/blob/master/pom.xml

If you add the


and put the @Theme(Material.class) on the MainView class in the same example, you can seet the Material look and feel:

Thanks for the explanation, I thought there was a connection between the platform version and the flow version.
I tested the suggested snapshot version, the theme works fine. Thank You!