Flow Select Box - toggle button not showing in material theme

The select component looks a bit weird in the material theme because the toggle button is not visible but taking place. (Using Vaadin Version 13.0.1)

![Select Component with material theme styling]
![HTML Debug View of Select Component]

Can someone tell me how i can make the button visible or is this a bug?

Works fine for me with dark material theme using Vaadin 14.0.0.rc2:

![material dark select]

The icon is actually in the ::before pseudo-element inside the <div part="toggle-button">, as you can see here:

![inspector screenshot]

Based on your screenshot, the <div> is empty. Hard to tell why. The pseudo element is defined in the element’s CSS.

This should also work in Vaadin 13.0.8 as the fix was applied there as well.

Make sure that vaadin-select is at least 2.0.5 where this fix was added:



Thanks for the quick reply, that solved my problem. I was still on Version 13.0.1