Flow CRM Create without Starter Project

Hello, nice to meet you all. Is there a tutorial or can someone guide me into creating a new project setup for the vaadin flow crm project, from scratch? Ie. without the starter project so one can understand all the modules, properties, packages and setup needed for such a project?
Thank s in advance!

Do you mean like the previous steps before starting the actual UI part?

We have left those out so that we can concentrate on the actual Vaadin part. Those are rather standard Spring Data JPA repositories + a tiny service layer on top of it.

yup, those

:ok_hand: Those are kind of generic Spring topics. Thus, we don’t wanna cover those or compete with Spring’s own tutorial. Also it depends very much what kind of architecture you want for your Vaadin app. That part is just a common “JPA based backend with Spring”. If you want to learn building those as well, check out for example these resources:


thank s a lot!