Flow Combobox.setItemIconGenerator replacement?

Where can I find an example on how to replace the missing setItemIconGenerator from V8?

There is no direct way to provide an icon for each item like you could in V8. There are ways to achieve it, by adding the icon to the component / template that you will use to render the item. You will not get around a renderer if you want to show more than just a String. You could either use a TemplateRenderer ([example]
(https://vaadin.com/components/vaadin-combo-box/java-examples/using-templates)) or a ComponentRenderer ([example]

Keep in mind that with these Renderers, the representation of the selected item (the value that is shown when the options are not visible) will not be affected - it will still use the itemLabelGenerator for that one. If you want the icon also on the selected value, you will have to switch to the [Select]
(https://vaadin.com/components/vaadin-select) component, which was introduced in V13.

I wrote example code for both ComboBox-with-Renderer and Select-with-renderer in [this StackOverflow post]
(https://stackoverflow.com/a/53763977/3441504). The examples adds a language flag icon (image) before the language String - for your case you could simply replace that with the Icon that you want.

Thanks, I’ll look into it