Floating buttons

Hi guys,
I need floating buttons . is it possible in vaadin.

thanks in advance


Quite ambiguous question, so you’ll get quite an ambiguous answer: yes, it is possible.

If you could be a bit more specific what you mean by floating buttons, we can provide a better answer.

Hi …
sorry not making it clear…
I need a tab that should look like the pro support button on the left side of vaadin forum site.
My requirement is like that. I need a button that should remain at a fixed position and even when we scroll down on the page, just like pro support button/tab.

Tarun Sawlani

You could see if the
Toolbox add-on
suits your needs.

Other than that, you could just use the AbsoluteLayout to position your button on the screen. Then just add a transparent (Reindeer.PANEL_LIGHT) panel to the absolute layout (100% size) to provide the scrolling which is usually done by the main window.