Flash-like flow


I am flash webdesigner and developer searching for alternate ways to build websites based on AJAX.

I found Vaadin very interesting. I wonder if there are any means to build a website not only with vaadin’s componets but with use of some java graphic tools (I don’t know which?).

I work with FlashBuilder which is build on Eclipse, as You may know… So it would be nice to build creative AJAX websites (flash-like) with robust animations and the whole stuff… but whit Vaadin and Java also on Eclipse.

Are there any libraries or something that could help me to achieve this goal?

Thank You for any tips.


Integrating Flex/AS3 flash apps (assuming your using it since you mention FlashBuilder) and Vaadin is certainly possible and there are a few examples floating around:

Coverflow Demo

A simple drawing app

For simple embedding of flash content into a Vaadin application the Embedded component can be used but if you want intercommunication between Flash and Vaadin you will have to build your own custom component. This is a bit more advanced task to do but by no means impossible.

Vaadin itself is not using animations that much - each client side component can do so, but the standard widgets do not currently do much animation.

You could try the
add-on for certain kinds of animations.

For graphics with animations, if writing your own client side GWT code (in Java) is not a problem, there are several alternatives including e.g. the
GWT Graphics
library and
on top of it. This requires more work, though.