FireFox: RichTextArea in layout with size full does not work

I’m currently migrating a project from V7 to V8 which worked fine until now except one strange behaviour of RichTextArea (lets call ist RTA now):

In my applliaction I have a window for composing a mail. The window uses a VerticalLayout containing some components for recipients, subject, body, … in it. For body a RTA is used which is not editable anymore and which doesn’t contain the text previously assigned.

After searching for a while I made a small v8 test application in which I also created a window with a RTA in it. Finally I was able to reproduce the problem. The RTA stops working if i set the layout to size full. If I remove the line
below in testRtf method everything is fine. If the line is active RTA is not editable anmore.

private void testRtf() {
Window window = new Window(“Test RTF”);
window.setWidth(800, Unit.PIXELS);
window.setHeight(600, Unit.PIXELS);

    final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();

    Label header = new Label("header");
    RichTextArea rtf = new RichTextArea();
    Button close = new Button("close", e -> {

    layout.addComponents(header, rtf, close);
    layout.setExpandRatio(rtf, 1f);


[/code]But I have to set layout to sizeFull to get the layout I want.

This only happens in FireFox (currently 56). I checked also Edge, Internext Explorer 11 and Chrome. In all of these browser I can set layout.setSizeFull() and the RTA still works fine.

Every hint to solve the problem would be great!

Thanks in advance

I found this:

Now I think it is a know problem with v8, isn’t it? As this is nearly a show stopper … is there a chance to get a quick fix?

I really don’t want to be impatient but I have to continue my work tomorrow and if there is no solution for my problem I have to stop the migration and revert my changed to go back to V7, which I don’t want to do.

Is there really no workaround or fix available (currently I use 8.1.6).

Oh my. No solution yet.