FILTERING-TABLE - filter layout for integer type in popup

I use a table in a modal popup. When I want to use the filter to a value of type integer, the filter is displayed correctly but I can not learn a value because I feel that the layout is not available (I think the window is not in the correct layout).

How to use a table “Filtering Table” in a modal popup ?
How to make the filter works (because I can not fill in a value filter fields) ?

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you mean by “learn a value” or “layout is not available”. How do you, exactly, feel it?

sorry my english is a rusty :frowning:

when my table is displayed in a modal popup, the filter for “integer” display correctly but I can not enter values ​​in the fields (
and no action is executed when the user clicks on the buttons
) . However, the same table in a page (
not a modal popup
), the filter works correctly. I therefore conclude that it veint the popup and probably a layout problem ?

I remain fully available if needed and thank you in advance (hopefully it clearer).

This could be a bug in how the FilteringTable handles the popup. The modality of the sub-window might disable events to the popup somehow. It would be a bit surprising, as it looks like it’s not under any other elements and other overlay elements work just fine in sub-windows.

If the author doesn’t reply to this thread, perhaps as in the
FilteringTable thread