Filtering in vaadin-grid 2

The demos for vaadin-grid 2.x don’t seem to show how to do the following kind of filtering.




[/code]Any help? :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
built-in filtering
(of “items” array data) only handles filtering based on substring matching against a property/sub-property of the items.
You can however implement any kind of
custom filtering
/sorting by setting a dataProvider function for the grid and having the custom filtering logic there.

Same as OP I would also like to do interval filtering. As well as being able to filter for multiple strings (string1 | string2).

@Tomi: Filtering inside Vaadin Grid is quite fast. Would filtering outside Vaading as fast?

My case is something like this:

<firebase-query path="/tweets" data="{{tweets}}"></firebase-query>
<vaadin-grid id="material" items="{{tweets}}"></<vaadin-grid>

Where is the Vaadin Filtering code located?

I have looked at vaadin-grid-filter-behavior.html and vaadin-grid-filter.html with no luck.

Should be easy to hack my own custom solution there.

Sorry for the delay. Built-in filtering of the items array is performed inside vaadin-grid-array-data-provider-behavior.html