Filter Table Columns using select on header

Hi Everyone, is it possible for me to filter the table column using vaadin. The table header should have a select Item.


table Filter

Anyone can you please give me a sample code? Thank you very much!


this is not possible with the stock Vaadin Table component, but please take a look at the


Could you help give me an example on how to use the add on. Thanks!


If you take a look at the “Highlights” for the addon you’ll find a simple demo application for the addon. The demo application (and its source code) is also included in the addon JAR pacakage so you might want to take a look at that first. Unless of course you had some specific use case in mind - then please refine your question.

As to how to use the addon - just download the zip and extract both the filteringtable and popupbutton JARs to the WEB-INF/lib folder of your project and recompile the widgetset. A lot mor info about this can be found in the book and on this forum.


Hi Tepi,

Thanks! Made it worked. cheers!

Hello Tepi,

The addon is awesome.
Just want to know how to customize the filter for a specific columns of a table.
ie…For certain columns i require filter and for certain columns i dont require it.
Can u suggest me how to acheive this.

Thanks and Regards,
Shankari G R