Filter on a table

Hi everybody,
firstly, forgive me with my bad english.
Then, i have a question with the use of addContainerFiltrer in a table.

so, i’ve a table like in the attachment

and i would like that when i check the button “Masquer les utilisateurs en fin de contrat” in the top left, i have just items that have a date in the column “DateFinContrat” greater than the current date.
I used this :

SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yy");
IndexedContainer c = (IndexedContainer) listeUtilisateur.getContainerDataSource();
    if (buttonAfficherOuPasFinContrat.booleanValue()) {
	c.addContainerFilter("DateFinContrat", df .format(new Date()), true, true);

it filter just items that have the same date “DateFinContrat” as the current date, and i don’t know how take items with “DateFinContrat” greater than the current date.

Thanks for your answers.
11476.bmp (541 KB)


This is currently not possible with addContainerFilter, as this method only works on String-type data. :frowning:

In this case you probably need to implement a container of your own that can filter on Dates as well.



thank you for your help.
i will do this in another way.

Best regards