Filter in ConfigurableFilterDataProvider

I create one app with springboot and a grid with ConfigurableFilterDataProvider so When I need to add more filter I need to create one method in my repository for each combination of filter? for sample I have filter by, firstname, lastname and date so I need to have one method with findByFirstName another to findByLastName one with findByLastNameAndFirstName, another to filter by date . so in my case 6 methods?


I guess this is more related to Spring than Vaadin, but anyway… You can combine the properties in one single method. Some examples:

  • List<Person> findByLastnameOrFirstname(String lastname, String firstname);
  • List<Person> findByLastnameAndFirstname(String lastname, String firstname);
  • List<Person> findByLastnameLikeAndFirstnameLike(String lastname, String firstname);

I fix using Specification :smiley: tks

Good to hear!