File upload


I am using Vaadin 15.0.6 with macOS and latest Safari browser.

I am using upload in my code like this:

final com.vaadin.flow.component.upload.receivers.MemoryBuffer buffer = new com.vaadin.flow.component.upload.receivers.MemoryBuffer();

final com.vaadin.flow.component.upload.Upload upload = new com.vaadin.flow.component.upload.Upload(buffer);

Using Vaadin develoment mode there is no problem in uploading any file type.

But in production mode there is a “forbidden” uploading most filetypes. PDF type is working well.

The problem occurs using Safari. Chrome is working also in production mode.

Please can anybody help?

Thank you very much


Hi Thomas,

I haven’t had any problems with file upload, but im on V14. You may want to try to set allowed filetypes and see if that helps.