FieldGroup. Less error-prone binding

Hi vaadiners,

Just wanted to ask what would be a the best practice in order not to be able to make mistakes at the time of binding fields to bean properties.
Having a TextField that is called “txtName”, right now I do always something like:

binder.bind(txtName, "name") Using a String is very error prone and I was wondering if there was a more robust way for doing this things.

Is having property name “enums” the only way to go? Something like:

binder.bind(txtName, Person.MetaInfo.NAME) Is there anything that, by convention, will scan a bean reading it’s property names and bind all to fields that are called the same?

I know that I can use the @PropertyId annotation over the bean fields, but I don’t like the idea of “polluting” the VO’s, DTO’s or Entities with UI technology related annotations.

Thanks in advance