Fetch Client MAC Address

Hi All,

I want to fetch client mac address in order to do some authentication. When I did some search, I came across
AppletIntegration Addon
. But on seeing the ScreenShot sample, I tried to implement that but I can’t able call the init method of Applet class. Please I need clarification on

  • what jars to be included
  • Where to put the Applet class
  • Simple sample to recieve data from applet

A simple working project will be more helpful for beginners like us. Thank you.

While I cannot really help with the applet integration, note that any such information collected on the client and sent to the server by the client could be “faked” by an attacker, so I don’t see how you would do secure authentication this way.

MAC addresses can also be changed programmatically on many network adapters, are adapter specific, are local to a network segment etc. If you consider MAC addresses to be random, hard to guess numbers, note that they don’t really have anywhere near as much randomness as one might think, and e.g. someone on the same local network can easily probe for MAC addresses.