Favicon replaced with default when packaging to JAR

I had a bunch of problems when packaging my Spring Boot Application to jar, managed to solve most of them but now my custom favicon won’t show on chrome.

This is my @PWA annotation:

@PWA( name = "App", shortName = "App", iconPath = "images/logo.png")

I previously found out that vaadin wasn’t resizing my icon to a 16x16 size, so I did it and place it on src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/images/ now it does show my custom favicon… on Firefox, it still showing the default icon on chrome and this isn’t supposed to happen because when I manually go to the url localhost:8080/images/logo-16x16.png it shows my custom icon (previously it showed the default one that’s why I resized it and placed it on the images folder).

This issue only happens on chrome and most of my problems only happens when packaging to a JAR. I can’t figure out why it’s still showing the default icon after all that. I can’t deploy my app on a production server using mvn spring-boot:run and I definitely can’t deploy it showing another logo, can someone help me with this, or if someone could resolve this I’ll be really grateful.


If I comment the @PWA annotation and use this code for setting the favicon:

public void configurePage(InitialPageSettings settings) {
            "<link rel=\"shortcut icon\" href=\"favicon.ico\" type=\"image/x-icon\">",

Then it works like it’s supposed to, but as soon as I activate the @PWA annotation doesn’t matter if I set or don’t set a custom icon, it will be revert to the default icon

Edit 2:

Same happens if I package to a WAR, issue still on chrome only

Edit 3:

I downloaded the spring boot starter app on https://vaadin.com/start/v14 and just package the app to a jar and run it, and it won’t it’s icon but this default white circle icon, so I’m pretty sure it’s not my project at the moment.