Favicon in vaadin 23

Hi everybody I’m following the tutorial for vaadin and using vaadin 23 (because it was latest one). Can anyone tell me how to change it? I have already changed the index.html file but it doesn’t work.

Hi @adaptable-uakari . I followed the given docs


this is what my folder directory is

icon.png is the png photo i want as my favicon

however whenever I load up Application it doesn’t show anything? it just shows the default favicon when no icon is set

The resolution should be 512x512

ohh ok alright

The icon.png is exactly 512x512 but the application still doesnt load it :tired_face:

this is vaadin 23

Am I just not reading the docs right and being incredibly dumb or whaaaa

Did you try to clear the browser cache


weirdly enough

even when I was using the default icon.png that came with the starter download for the tutorial

It still wasnt loading in the icon as well

I am running this on my own local server so idk if that makes a difference

So did you do a production build?

And you have added the @PWA annotation?