favicon as svg seems to be corrupted in production build

I am adding:

to Frontend/index.html

But after deployment index.html looks like this, and the referenced file does not exist

I am running a pure Hilla 2.1 project with Spring Boot backend.

@winsome-wombat, any idea what’s wrong or the right approach here?

extra info: I have several png logos below this one, and they all are handled as expected with some fancy inlining by your builder.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug. Are you able to reproduce the issue in a minimal project? If so, consider opening a bug report at https://github.com/vaadin/hilla/issues.

It seems to work fine with a fresh starter. Here is an example repo: https://github.com/sissbruecker/hilla-favicon-test

I have run hilla:dance a few times, and cleared all output directories manually without success. But I believe in you and will dig until I find what is wrong with my stuff.