FastNavigation - use Keyboard shortcut and arrow keys to deselect in multip

I wrote a subclass of Grid in vaadin 8.5.2 implementing FastNavigation addon. Using the arrow keys for moving selection works fine, also in multiselect mode. Would it be possible to have a keyboard shortcut (likely shift or ctrl) in addition to the arrow keys to use the focus change event to deselect in multiple mode? As I did not find a possibility to listen generally to Keyboard Events in Grid, I tried ShortcutListener which does not fire when giving ModifierKey as second argument.
Thanks in advance for every recommendation, Elke

Hi Elke,

This is a good question and feature request. I added it to issue tracker:

Hi Tatu
Thank you very much. As I posted yesterday in the issues, I have additional other problems:
When I include GridFastNavigation-Compatibility in my pom, maven won’t start: com.vaadin.v7.Vaadin7WidgetSet is missing. So I included additionally GridFastNavigation. This solved the problem with start, but I got warnings about the multiple scan locations, of course. Selection works, as described, locally in Eclipse/Jetty and standalone on tomee, but looks strange (focus and selection switched) on the server. No error reporting.
Now I tried the compatibility client instead of the client-compiled dependency, get a lot of warnings about other multiple scan locations, and get the strange looking selection also locally.
Perhaps this is an issue of Valo theme?
I never worked with vaadin 7, but your addon seems to be the only possibility to get this arrow key functionality, as Grid doesn’t support focusListener although it changes focus when using the arrow keys.
Do you think there is any solution in the moment? Or should I abandon the idea to implement this functionality (which I consider really necessary for an intuitive use)?
Thank you very much for any recommendation.
best, Elke

as Grid doesn’t support focusListener

The add-on itself has listeners for row and cell focus tracking.

The compatibility version is lacking couple of features that are included in the newest Vaadin 8 version. So you may want to drop that and change to newer one once you have migrated all the Grid views to Vaadin 8.

Thank you Tatu.
I am a little confused by your answer as I am working with Vaadin 8.5.2 (never with Vaadin 7) so my Grid Views need not to be migrated I guess.
So you would recommend to change to a newest version of Vaadin 8?
Best, Elke

So you would recommend to change to a newest version of Vaadin 8?

If you are not using V7 Grid in your application, then yes, you can use the latest version without compatibility.

Thank you so much Tatu, now I switched to Vaadin 8.6.4, use no compatibility more and it works fine everywhere.
I really appreciate the quick, kind and uncomplicated help in this forum.
Best, Elke

I just found your enhancement with deselection via shift+Space - not exactly what I meant, but really useful, thanks a lot!