Faster Push

Good morning, sorry for my english. I’m building a webapp with vaadin 8 and I need a faster push. Let me explain: I have a textarea written by an event that comes from a listener. The first one is immediate, but the others are always delayed, unless the event comes after about 10 seconds. It seems that, after a push, there is a wait and after that wait the push becomes ready. I was wondering if it was possible to have an immediate push and not wait for time to see the event printed on textarea.

The server implementation of automatic push in Vaadin is doing some of its own logic to bundle and optimize when to push. Sometimes the result can be like you describe, i.e. the push maybe delayed and in specific application use case it may not be the way you want it to work. This can be easily fixed though. Even in automatic mode, you can always force push manually colling UI.push(). So e.g. in your View use

getUI().access(() -> { 

If automatic push is not working most of the cases for you, it may make sense to use only manual push and turn automatic push of with @Push(PushMode.Manual)

More info here: