Failled compiler

falla al compilar css

Summary of situation:

  • Main project has its themes in a library that’s separately deployed, microservice that sends its css files around. It’s marked in the main app as a dependency.
  • Main app runs, and adds the relevant classes but fails to update its themes/styles according to the library.
  • Trying to update/compile the main app’s own themes throws the above error. There’s a style.css file located there, not a .scss nor any reference to one anywhere (at least at a quick search)

Yes, that is likely cause. The SASS compiler will compile scss files and produce css file. If scss are missing, it can’t do that.

Btw, sidenote your Vaadin version is quite old, I recommend to upgrade to 8.14.3, which is the last free edition under Apache 2 license. But that is not related to your actual question.