Failing to send REST requests after i added spring security via a Vaadin video

Hi all, I added security to my Vaadin application exactly as described by this official video of vaadin

After adding it, I added authorization to my Rest request (Im sending them via Postman. In the authorization tab of the request i chose “Basic Auth” and added the username and password), and tried to send it, but got back a very weird body in the 200 response:

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there is more but i reached maximum length

it seems to me that my rest endpoints are not routed via vaadin. does anybody know how fix this?

are routed *


I typically set a up a separate SecurityFilterChain for the REST endpoints. I create a separate APISecurityConfig class with @EnableWebSecurity and an @Order(1) to be sure this one is used before the request is send to the Vaadin layer.

This way I am not depending on Vaadin for the security of the REST endpoints.

Hope this helps.

On the VaadinSecurityConfig I then explicitly add @Order(100) for example to keep them out of each other’s hair.

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Hi, can you refer me to an example so i will try to implement it on my project?

ok once i solved it i will post it

i added to my application.yml the following line:
urlMapping: /ui/*

and now my vaadin ui is at http://localhost:8501/ui

but when I send REST requests to http://localhost:8501/mockers (Which worked before adding vaadin security) it still gives back the same vaadin response I mentioned earlier (I added authorization to my Rest request).

please can anyone help? :frowning_with_open_mouth:

Hi, look at this post

This is the solution: