Failing a file upload in Java through the Upload Component

In my use case the user is allowed to upload a single file. After the upload succeeded, I check the file for a number of properties. Should my program fail to verify one of the properties, I want to prompt the user with an error directly in the Upload component.
Is there a way I can manually fire an error like this, so I can hook to it via the FailedListener?

Thanks in advance!

Did you check the logs? There must be an Exception

The error message is just an example. I want to be able to throw a custom error message after I did my own checks on the uploaded file. The error should then appear in the same location as indicated in the screenshot.

I don’t think that’s possible

You can only set three error messages through UploadI18 ServerUnavailable, UnexpectedServerError and Forbidden. Here is an example

UploadI18N i18n = new UploadI18N();
i18n.setDropFiles(new UploadI18N.DropFiles()
                .setOne(translation().translate("Datei hier ablegen")).setMany(translation().translate("Dateien hier ablegen")))
            .setAddFiles(new UploadI18N.AddFiles().setOne(translation().translate("Datei hochladen")).setMany(translation().translate("Dateien hochladen")))
            .setError(new UploadI18N.Error()
                .setTooManyFiles(translation().translate("Zuviele Dateien hochgeladen!"))
                .setFileIsTooBig(translation().translate("Die Datei ist zu gross!"))
                .setIncorrectFileType(translation().translate("Die Datei hat den falschen Typ!")))
            .setUploading(new UploadI18N.Uploading()
                .setStatus(new UploadI18N.Uploading.Status()
                    new UploadI18N.Uploading.RemainingTime()
                        .setPrefix(translation().translate("Verbleibende Zeit:"))
                        .setUnknown(translation().translate("Verbleibende Zeit unbekannt.")))
                .setError(new UploadI18N.Uploading.Error()
                    .setServerUnavailable(translation().translate("Der Server ist nicht verfügbar!"))
                    .setUnexpectedServerError(translation().translate("Es ist ein unerwarteter Fehler aufgetreten!"))

I assume the error handling on these is handled internally though right? Or could I throw the Forbidden exception myself after checking the file?

I assume that they are caught by the web component when the server communiation fails based on the HTTP Status code