Failed to load widgetset alert....

I’m trying to get an app to work together with the appletintegration plugin. Although everything seems to work upon page load, around 15 seconds after the app loads I get a javascript alert message box with the following text:

“Failed to load the widgetset doctrack/VAADIN/widgetsets/”

which I figured out is coming from:


After mucking around web.xml thinking that I got the paths wrong somehow (to no avail), I edited the generated file to simply:

function com_foo_appwidgetset(){alert(“Hello”);}

to test if the file was actually being loaded. Surprise surprise, the “hello” alert is displayed but the error message still remains so now I’m without a clue to what’s going on :frowning:

The nocache.js file loads the actual widgetset from one of the *.cache.html files (which one depends on the browser you are using). It would seem that the nocache.js file is loaded properly but it in turn fails to load the .cache.html file, which actually contains the widgetset (hence the warning because the real widgetset is never loaded properly). Typically this should not happen, not sure what the problem could be in your case.

After some more debugging, I finally found the problem:


	</init-param> is case sensitive! Pity the error message had no indication of what was wrong at all :frowning: