Failed to collect dependencies at at.downdrown.vaadinaddons:highchartsapi:j

Hello guys i am new to vaadin. i am trying to add Highcharts addon in my project but maven is giving me this error

Failed to collect dependencies at at.downdrown.vaadinaddons:highchartsapi:jar:2.1.3: Failed to read artifact descriptor for at.downdrown.vaadinaddons:highchartsapi:jar:2.1.3: Failure to find at.downdrown.vaadinaddons:highchartsapi-root:pom:2.1.3 in was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of vaadin-addons has elapsed or updates are forced please help me what should i do

See what I expect and what I get after using at.downdrown.vaadinaddons.highchartsapi, kindly where could be doing it wrong?